We pledge 50% of all profits towards our amazing NHS.

This website has been about community from day one, the day ticket map was introduced as a tool to help fellow anglers, and that really was our only intention. With the websites expansion into prize competitions we feel there is a unique opportunity here to go that bit further. We want to pledge that 50% of all our profits will go towards various charities, starting with our amazing NHS. There are multiple worthy charity's and i hope in time we get a chance to help them all, but our NHS staff are now more than ever doing an incredible job, one we here at CDTW are seeing up close, from a personal level. 

We don't want to focus on only being able to give anglers the opportunity to win high end fishing gear,  we want to give back in ways that will genuinely be for the greater good. This will be our very small contribution to the amazing opportunity you, as a community have enabled us to do so.  Any charitable work we do, or money given will be updated here on this page for you to check back on and see our progress. If interested in donating yourself, please take a look at:  NHS Charities Together

All that's left to say is thank you for being a part of this outstanding community,


30th May 2020 - £10 Donated.